Meth Lab Discovered in Tree House

tree house kids.jpg
The kids can't wait to spend their nights breathing in the fresh air only midly tainted by diluted hydrocloric acid.
A tree house is a special place where kids can go play house or throw tea parties or whatever it is that kids do. Or, if you're two not-so-bright drug dealers in Port Orchard, a tree house is just another place to make meth.

Neil R. Vanderpol, 48, and Jesika M.E. Mintz, 28, were arrested after detectives found 28.5 grams of meth and drug-making tools in their home and a tree house out back.

The bust was precipitated by a sting operation in which two confidential informants bought meth from the suspects. At this point, it is unknown whether the CIs followed Vanderpol and Mintz up the ladder and through the trap door in the floor. Or if they just stayed at the bottom and wondered what kind of moron thinks a tree house makes for a good hiding spot.

Vanderpol and Mintz are being held on $150,000 bail. They've been charged with meth manufacturing and using for evil something that was meant for good.

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