Mackenzie Cowell's Murder Prompting Panic in Small Town

Mackenzie Cowell's murder has so far yielded no leads, no suspects.
Mackenzie Cowell was a bright, beautiful girl. A 17-year-old senior on the dance team at Wenatchee High when she disappeared.

Cowell was last seen alive last Tuesday leaving the cosmetology school where she took classes. Her Pontiac Grand Prix was found seven hours later, abandoned in a remote part of Chelan County.

Cowell's purse and a change of clothes were found locked inside. And one set of footprints was discovered leading away from the car.

Cowell was a popular member of Wenatchee High's Apple-Ettes dance team.
Then last Saturday, investigators found her body. Cowell was lying fully-clothed on a bank of the Columbia River, 50 yards away from a house for sale with her feet in the water.

Investigators aren't saying how Cowell died. But they are confident they're dealing with a homicide. Which has freaked out many of Wenatchee's small-town residents.

Police have been flooded with tips. Some as benign as one woman who called 911 to report a man staring at her from his truck. It turned out he was just waiting to pick up his girlfriend.

Local gun stores are reporting a rise in sales. Especially on accessories aimed at women, like purses with holsters.

A 20-person investigative team, including members of the FBI, is currently looking into Cowell's death. They've already ruled out abduction, since surveillance cameras captured her on tape getting into her car.

The last person to hear from Cowell was her boyfriend, who received a text on Tuesday afternoon, shortly before she disappeared, asking, "Hey, what's up?"

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