Lockheed Martin Memorializes John Murtha in Full-Page Ad

Dearest John, Thanks for the cash.
Since corporations are people now, I guess it's OK to address them as such. So quit being an idiot, Lockheed Martin.

Most people already presume that big defense giants like you are in bed with powerful legislators like the late Rep. John Murtha. So maybe next time you should think twice before taking out a full-page color ad in The Washington Post, thanking a guy they called "The King of Pork" for his "tireless work on behalf of the armed forces."

It's like the difference between showing up late from work with lipstick on your collar and taking your mistress to your kid's soccer game. And I hope it serves as a lesson to local Lockheed-competitor Boeing who, when Norm Dicks moves on to that great caucus in the sky, would best be served by keeping their love notes private.

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