Lawyer for Metro Tunnel Victim Aiesha Implies Cops Didn't Help Cuz Client Is Black

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NAACP President James Bible says his client's race contributed to police inaction.
James Bible, President of the NAACP's Seattle chapter and attorney for Aiesha (last name currently withheld), isn't saying his 15-year-old client was beaten in a Metro tunnel because of the color of her skin. But he's sure implying it.

At a press conference on Friday afternoon, Bible rhetorically asked if police would have taken his client's claims that she was being threatened by a group of teens if she had "blond hair and blue eyes." Aiesha claims she asked officers for help three times before she was punched, kicked and stomped on January 28th.

Police confirmed that Aiesha had solicited help from officers before the attack. But a spokesperson told SeattleCrime the cops did "everything they keep the peace."

As for Aiesha's case, it's probably headed exactly where you would assume. With Bible saying that there's a "substantial likelihood" of a lawsuit.

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