Just in Time for the Super Bowl, Seattle Police Seize 900 NFL Jerseys in Counterfeit Sting

marcus trufant jersey.JPG
Fake or real? Ahh, who cares. You're still gonna look silly wearing it.
Buyer beware goes double for anything bought off of Craigslist. So it's kind of hard to feel bad for the "victims" of a recently busted counterfeit merchandise ring that specialized in selling NFL jerseys.

According to Seattle police, the investigation first began after someone complained that a vendor was selling fake jerseys on Craigslist and outside of Qwest Field. That tip led to a two-month sting which ended yesterday when more than 900 jerseys were seized at a Seattle home. (Approximate street value: $90,000.)

Seattle police say that many of the jerseys were for the New Orleans Saints, in a bid, they say, to capitalize on Super Bowl fever. Who dat sellin' fa -- oh, I see someone beat us to that punch line.

Although charges have yet to be filed, police spokesperson Mark Jamieson did let drop that the knockoffs are also sold online at the very underwhelming JerseyJoesOnline.com. Your alleged leader in poorly stitched Marcus Trufant pullovers.

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