Joe Mallahan Pays Off Campaign Debt, Tries to Make Voting Record Non-Issue for Next Campaign

Prepping for his next run?
Joe Mallahan finally settled his campaign debts. He also took a step towards silencing a particularly noisy dog that hounded him during his unsuccessful run for mayor.

By writing a check for $34,516, Mallahan's campaign is no longer in the red. Meaning he spent more than $300,000 of his own money to finish second.

As Emily Heffter reports, Mallahan also got his vote in on time for this week's school-levy election. Something Mayor Mike McGinn failed to do.

Mallahan took some well-deserved shots for failing to vote in half the elections for which he was eligible since 2001. So was this week's tally just a sign that he's got a soft-spot for the kids? Or is he wisely reinforcing a soft spot in his armor in preparation for the next campaign?

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