Investigating Pam Roach's "Mooning Incident" Cost the State $32,331

Even these kids know you don't involve the lawyers when it comes to a little bare ass.
Two years ago, state senator Pam Roach (R-Holdsagrudge) and fellow GOP'er Mike Hewitt got into it at a meeting. The argument got so heated, Roach claims that the Senate Minority Leader stuck his "clothed backside" in her face.

In short, Hewitt mooned Roach.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Two elected officials have a private disagreement that gets a little testy; surely that'll be the end of that.

But no!

Roach has very much not forgotten that time she almost saw a man's naked ass. Last week, she said the Hewitt-hiney incident was motivation for her fellow Republicans to kick her out of their caucus and suggest she attend to her anger-management problems.

(Conveniently ignoring her, uh, problems with anger management.)

Now we come to find that, because lawyers obviously needed to be called in once someone's drawers got dropped, the state actually spent quite a bit of money getting to the bottom (pun intended) of the Hewitt-Roach mess.

According to The Tacoma News-Tribune, attorney Chris Farias of law firm Stokes Lawrence billed the state $32,331 to investigate the incident. And what did that investigation uncover? That Washington elected some petty-ass legislators.

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