Has Colton Harris-Moore Been Captured?

If Colton is indeed in custody, dollars to donuts says that he ain't smiling
Answer: Nope. Update after the jump.

There's a rumor going around that after nearly two years of being screwed with by a surprisingly elusive teen, the law enforcement agencies of northwest Washington have finally captured Colton Harris-Moore.

Sources tell the Weekly that Harris-Moore may have been arrested Thursday night as a result of an operation involving the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).

Asked for comment, Petty Officer David Marin of the USCG District 13 Public Affairs unit said that, as of 11pm Thursday night, the regional commanders of District 13, which spans the entirety of the Pacific Northwest, were not aware of any Coast Guard action that led to an arrest of Harris-Moore.

"If it happened, it did not happen in the 13 District," says Marin.

A spokesperson for the San Juan County Sheriff's Department would neither confirm or deny the rumor, saying only that there had been no additional information released since Sheriff Bill Cumming named Harris-Moore as a "person of interest" in the investigation into the theft of a plane found crash landed on Orcas Island Thursday morning.

Back in November, the Weekly chronicled Harris-Moore's rise from Island County juvenile delinquent to international cult-hero. So, if the long and twisted journey of young Colt has ended with him in a government holding cell somewhere, it's obviously huge news. As such, we're going to keep tracking this. More as we know it.

Multiple sources, including the top cop from San Juan County, confirm that whoever it was that crash landed on Orcas earlier this week is still in the wind.

The story thus far: As the plane approached Orcas late Wednesday night, it violated restricted airspace. As you might have heard, the Olympic Winter Games start today in Vancouver. And this pilot either didn't know or didn't care that they were flying near a restricted fly zone set up as part of heightened security.

San Juan County Sheriff Bill Cumming says his deputies didn't learn about the flight until after the plane was discovered Thursday morning. The surrounding law enforcement agencies, including U.S. Coast Guard units, were later told to be on the lookout. Cumming now says the suspect is presumably still on the island, and that the suspect may in fact be Colton Harris-Moore. But as Colton has proved time and time again, islands are still pretty big places with lots of spots where a guy can lay low. So the saga continues.

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