Gay, Mentally Challenged Biracial Male Cheerleader Claims Discrimination

Even in 2010, growing up gay isn't easy. Add in the complicating factors of being a mentally challenged, biracial guy who wants to wave around pom-poms in a small town, and you have a recipe for the most hellacious high school experience in Eastern Washington.

Benjamin Grundy is a student at Garfield-Palouse High School (local population: 1,100) who says the school is discriminating against his wishes to do what all the other cheerleaders are doing. Namely, dance, wave pom-poms, wear a proper uniform and not just stand like there like a statue moving his arms.

That's what Grundy and his mom say he's been reduced to since the cheerleading coach instructed him he couldn't gyrate his hips like the girls do and the athletic director allegedly suggested he be the team mascot. Since writing letters to ACLU and a local congresswoman, Garfield has offered Grundy a uniform and pom-poms. But that's not enough, says his mom.

As you can see in the video above, Grundy's mother is what you might refer to as a Grizzly Bear. A primal necessity considering (and this can't be emphasized enough) Grundy is a mentally challenged, biracial gay kid growing up in a small town who wants to be a cheerleader. So excuse her when she says she wants to take her poor son's plight to Congress. She's just acting the way any Mama Bear would when her cub was born with a "torment me" sign stuck to his back.

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