Female Car Thief Kept Diary of Her Crimes

Tiffany Mcdonough is accused of breaking into at least five cars and one house. Why are police confident the 28-year-old is the woman behind a small-crime spree? Because she wrote it all down.

On an early morning in December, Mcdonough was being chased through the streets of North Seattle when she crashed into a stop sign. Inside the car, police recovered laptops, stolen mail and one very incriminating diary.

According to court documents, Mcdonough bragged about her thievery. One entry said "...I'm driving a stolen blk on blk Benz from Everett to Seattle..." while another talked about ""...fheft of a purse with credit cards..."

Mcdonough, who admitted to being high on Oxycontin at the time of her arrest, now faces charges of burglary, car prowling, possession of a stolen car and eluding police. She's also been chastised for not encoding her diary entries in a way that would make them indecipherable to police or her nosy mother.

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