Federal Way Man Who Wanted to "See Cops Die" Charged With Threatening to Bomb a Seattle Police Station

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A guy in Federal Way allegedly wanted to use one of these to kill two cops
Alleged wannabe bomber Adrian Dower knew that he wanted to kill a cop. According to court records, this was something that he thought the police should know too. So, at 3:30 am on February 6 he picked up his phone and called the SPD's north precinct to inform them that he'd be bombing the place later that afternoon.

Unfortunately for Dower, he apparently didn't know, or didn't care, enough to withhold the info investigators usually use to track suspects down. Asked by the officer who took the call for his name, date of birth, and address, the 37-year-old Federal Way man helpfully gave up all three. He was arrested by Federal Way Police just a few hours later.

After being detained, Dower told the cops of his plan, the details of which are amusing in that way that the activities of dumb criminals always are. But we live during a time when Washington's law enforcement agents are being targeted by unhinged types at an alarming rate. So, there's not a lot of comedy in a guy allegedly threatening to murder two cops for no particular reason.

Dower told police he was going to build a pipe bomb. Once it was constructed, he'd take the bus from his Federal Way apartment north to the precinct. After spotting his intended targets--two officers whose names he did not know--he'd toss the bomb in their general direction.

Dower wasn't mad at either of the two officers writes Officer Kerry Hays in court documents. "He just wanted to see what it felt like to kill a cop," writes Hays.

Lucky for police, Dower hadn't actually obtained any bomb-making materials. Lucky for him, too. Otherwise, he might be facing much more serious charges. He now stands accused of threatening to bomb or injure property, and is currently being held at King County Jail on $500,000 bail.

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