"F-Bomb Bandit" Wanted for Bank Robbery, Cussing

f bomb bandit.jpg
Potty mouth.
Some robbers use cunning to steal a bank's loot. Some use fear. And then there are those that just really need the f$%#ing money right now or they're going to do something nasty.

Such is the case for the lady to the right. A Seattle-area woman who the FBI says is wanted in connection with four bank robberies in just over a month.

Known as the "F-Bomb Bandit" for the "salty language" she uses in her robbery notes, the woman is 20-30-years-old, between 5'4'' and 5'6'', somewhere around 150 pounds and wears her black hair straight.

The FBI is offering $1,000 for any information or tips that might lead to the suspect's arrest. A dollar amount they admit is pretty f'ing low for someone stealing so much s***.

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