Eric Christensen Accused of Killing, Dismembering Girlfriend Sherry Harlan Because She Was a "Warlock"

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Eric Christensen had a history of violence against women before dating Sherry Harlan.
There are no good reasons for killing your girlfriend. But as Gold Bar's Eric Christensen proves, there are certainly bad ones.

According to court documents, Christensen, 40, has told police that when he found out his girlfriend, 35-year-old Sherry Harlan, was talking to another man, he forced her to take a Wiccan blood oath, making her promise she'd end all contact. Christensen says he found a text message from the guy on Harlan's phone shortly thereafter, a transgression that he alleges made her a "'warlock,' literally an evil traitor."

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Friends of Sherry Harlan said she worried Christensen would "beat her to a bloody pulp."
Harlan was reported missing on January 5th when she failed to show for work. Two days later, investigators found her burned-out car with partial human remains inside. The rest of Harlan's remains were found later, when an accomplice of Christensen's led police to a number of shallow graves around Snohomish County.

When arrested, Christensen had scratch marks on his arms and leg and a stab wound on his knee. He was also filmed by surveillance video driving Harlan's car and buying cleaning equipment after she was reported missing.

Christensen has prior convictions for assault, sexual abuse and domestic violence. He currently faces charges of first-degree murder, and for coming up with a piss-poor excuse for taking another person's life.

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