Does John Murtha's Death Make Norm Dicks the "King of Pork"?

Western Pennsylvania's beloved pork king has gone on to that old sty in the sky.
Determining who gets what defense spending in a country that loves to spend money on its defense is a plum job. And now that Rep. John Murtha, aka the "King of Pork," has passed, it looks like that job is Rep. Norm Dicks' (D-Boeing) for the taking.

Dicks has served on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee for 31 years. And his likely ascension comes at an opportune time for his favorite aerospace beneficiary and an inopportune time for Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Grandstanding).

Last week, Shelby used a parliamentary tactic to stall the confirmation of 70 presidential nominees. His tantrum came in protest of the bidding process for replacing the Air Force's refueling tankers that he says is rigged in Boeing's favor. A win for Shelby would mean 1,500 new jobs in Mobile. But that scenario appears less likely now with Dicks wearing the crown.

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