Ann Corbitt: How Much Money Is One Night With Ashley Cole Worth?

Sleeping with David Beckham was worth more than half a million.
When Ann Corbitt, legislative aide to Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, opened up about a July one-night stand with soccer star Ashley Cole to British tabloid News of the World, she didn't just invite further inquiry into her sex life. She also encouraged increased interest in her bank account.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned News of the World -- or News of the Screws, as it's sometimes called, thanks to its predilection for splashing sex scandals on its front pages -- is known for paying big money for stories. They even advertise that they pay more than other tabloids.

Corbitt hasn't said whether or not she was compensated for her interview. But she is referring follow-up questions to a London press agent. So going on the assumption that Corbitt exchanged hot dirt for cold cash, how much did she make?

Ann Corbitt might have traded one steamy night for cash. But how much?
Cole is a star player for the second most popular team (Chelsea) in the most popular league (English Premier) of the most popular sport (soccer) in the world. Which counts for a lot.

But he's also a serial philanderer. Thanks to three previously disclosed discretions, Corbitt is now known as "girl no 4," which dilutes the value of the story she had to tell.

For a benchmark, let's consider Rebecca Loos, David Beckham's personal assistant who, in 2004, was paid a reported 300,000 pounds ($461,767) by News of the World to dish on how she boinked her boss.

At the time of Loos' confession, Beckham and Cole played the same sport in the same country. But whereas Cole is simply a recognizable name, Beckham is transcendent; in the same year, Google announced that he was the most searched topic in the world.

Considering her status as Cole's fourth out-of-wedlock conquest, and his status as not-David-Beckham, it's safe to say that Corbitt's fling won't be enough to set her up for life. But even with those extenuating circumstances, it's possible that she made as much as 50 or 100,000 pounds for her exclusive; plenty to soften the blow should Councilmember Rasmussen decide to go looking for a new aide.

It's a lot of money. As to whether it was worth it, well, that, like the decision to sell her story, is up to her.

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