An Oscar Shot for Former Gov. Booth Gardner?

Will Gardner live long enough to see his movie win an Oscar?
The Academy Award nominations were announced on Tuesday, and there's a local connection among the short-documentary titles. The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner is a 38-minute short only screened thus far, to our knowledge, in L.A. last August to qualify for the Oscars. The former governor of this state from 1985-93, Gardner's late-life battle with Parkinson's disease has made him a national figure in the assisted-suicide debate. (See his 2007 profile in the NYT; our former SW editor Knute Berger also wrote on the subject the prior year.)

The film, directed by Daniel Junge, will be shown on HBO later this year. But first, along with the 14 other short-film nominees (docs, animation, and live-action), The Last Campaign should be included in the Oscar Nominated Shorts compendium scheduled to open at the Varsity on Feb. 19. (The Oscar telecast is Sunday, March 7.) We're already trying to get an advance copy of the collection from its distributor, and hope to have a timely review in our Feb. 17 issue or sooner.

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