ABC News: Police Believe Colton Harris-Moore Has Struck Again; San Juan County Sheriff: Nu-Uh

A national news outlet says Harris-Moore may have tried to steal another airplane.
As previously noted, Colton Harris-Moore's reputation makes him the implied, if not official, suspect in any crime that fits his m.o.

Case in point: ABC News reports today that police have centered on Harris-Moore as a suspect in a botched plane theft last Friday.

San Juan County Sheriff Bill Cumming says that his investigators have "not yet assigned that as having anything to do with Colton Harris-Moore," having already told the Everett Herald outright that the report is false.

But two unnamed sources who are "familiar with the investigation" tell ABC that police believe it was Harris-Moore who broke into a hanger at the Orcas Island Airport last week and left the keys to one plane inside its cockpit.

When last we left the precocious young outlaw, he'd just been named as a "person of interest" in the theft of an airplane investigators found "hard-landed" at the very same airport.

So, if ABC's reporting is accurate, it brings the number of plane robberies, attempted and otherwise, Harris Moore is believed to have committed to five. Not including this latest incident, Harris-Moore has allegedly stolen around $1.5 million in other people's property estimates the Herald.

Our advice: if and when you are caught, Colton, get a good attorney. Because if nothing else, your restitution fees are going to be a mutha.

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