Where's the Conservative Outrage Over Washington's Felon Voter Decision?

Yoo-hoo! Michelle! Remember us?
Tuesday's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision lifting Washington's restriction on felons voting is the bloodiest kind of red meat you could offer to the Conservative Outrage Monster. And yet, two days on, there's been nary a howl.

No Beck, no O'Reilly, no Hannity. No Malkin either, which is really perplexing considering how loudly she barked during the 2004 Gregoire-Rossi gubernatorial election's "Felon Swing Vote" controversy. Even our local mouth-frothers, the BIAW, have yet to weigh in.

It's enough to make you question the basics in life. The 9th Circuit is liberal. (How liberal?) You'd half expect that after they handed down this decision they ran to their chambers, ripped the cellophane off of a QFC party platter and turned on Fox News, excitedly waiting to be torn limb-from-limb.

And now look at them. The 7-Up is flat. The chocolate chip cookies are stale. It's sad is what it is.

I mean sure, the decision probably won't stand. And even if it did it might not change much. But if we can't depend on a consummate whipping boy like the 9th Circuit even getting so much as a love tap when they get all radical and activist-y, what can we depend on?

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