Wanted: CPR-Certified Retirement Home Pastry Chef

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Scramble eggs for this sweet old lady during breakfast. Let her beat you in Chinese checkers before lunch. Then save her life. All in a day's work.
The only thing worse than trying to find a job is trying to find a job during a recession. To that end, we present Wanted: A weekly look at the weirdest ways to pay the bills in Twenty-Ten.

The Job Weekend Graveyard Pastry Chef/Breakfast Cook for the Regency Newcastle Retirement Home in Bellevue

The Responsibilities "It is a combo of a baker's job, with a short order line cook/continental breakfast prep. In addition, you are one of two staff throughout the night providing our residents building security and an emergency responder."

The Qualifications Hard working. Able to sling some hash. Familiar with a mop and bucket. And, um, CPR certified. Because, well, part of working in an "assisted-living" facility is having the know-how to assist in keeping the paying populace alive.

The Pay $10-$11 an hour

What the Job Description Doesn't Say But Should Avoid this gig if you've got even the mildest case of attachment disorder.

Kudos to Twitter friend APHughes for the find. Thanks Aaron!

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