Twitter Hails Rise of iPad, Death of Amazon's Kindle

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Sorry, Mr. Bezos. The Twitterverse says your little friend is on life support.
No gadget lives forever. And the Amazon Kindle won't be an exception. But, perhaps because of the alluring alliterativeness of the term "Kindle-killer," there's been more than the usual preoccupation with the demise of this first-generation e-reader.

Yesterday Apple introduced its new everything, the iPad. Did it live up to the hype? Did it not? That's still being decided.

But thanks to Twitter, the tech world was able to share how it thought the iPad will affect life for Jeff Bezos' favorite bath-time toy. The (very hasty) consensus: If there is such a thing as a Kindle-killer, the iPad is it.

After the jump, five gut reactions plucked from the Twitter-stream.

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And one non-Kindle related Tweet from our favorite local crime blogger.

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