Status of Dog Mauled by Coyote Upgraded From "Dead" to "Alive"

adorable pug.jpg
Tina looks something like this. Only with more bandages.
On Monday at around 4 p.m., four neighbors in Magnolia saw a wild coyote attack a small dog. The neighbors did what they could to get the coyote to let go, beating it with sticks until it ran away. But for a pug named Tina, their efforts appeared to be too little, too late.

Tina's owner rushed her to the Seattle Animal Shelter. But with deep, bloody gouges to her tiny frame, Tina's only hope seemed to be costly surgery that her owner didn't think she could afford.

Tina was left at the shelter and later reported dead. But now, thanks to some persistent vets, her condition has miraculously been upgraded to "alive."

Don Jordan, the executive director of the shelter, says that despite the owner authorizing euthanasia, it seemed possible that they might help Tina pull through.

"After she left we said let's give this poor girl a chance," says Jordan.

Tina was stitched up at a vet and is now expected to make a full recovery. Even better, after neighbors heard of Tina's owners financial situation, they donated over $1,000 to help pay for the surgery.

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