Seattle Politics in 2009: The Year of the Underfunded Candidate

No one can accuse mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan of not putting his money where his mouth was.
Those who raised less won more. That's the gist of today's report from an election watchdog (Warning: PDF) chronicling the cash that flowed into campaign coffers during Seattle's 2009 elections.

Unlike the past two cycles, when eight out of nine more heavily-funded candidates won, this year things went topsy-turvy, with four out of six winners in city races outspent. The most glaring beneficiary of the Freaky Friday phenomenon was Mayor Mike McGinn, who got more votes than Joe Mallahan despite raising less ($222,570) than Mallahan spent on his own campaign (just over $290,000).

It just goes to show you that money can't buy you everything. Especially after you release a painfully tone deaf campaign video.

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