Rep. Brendan Williams Demands Lip Service From Boeing

brendan williams.jpg
Boeing better play fair, or else Rep. Brendan Williams is going to get really mad and stomp his feet really, really hard.
Some bills get their teeth removed in committee or in 11th-hour negotiations. Others, like a new measure proposed by Rep. Brendan Williams (D-Olympia), arrive on the floor already sporting nothing but gums.

Should Williams' legislation pass, any aerospace company (Boeing) benefiting from the state's 2003 tax-break package (BOEING) would have to sign a statement that "expresses a commitment to the economic well-being of residents in the state of Washington." (BOEING!)

The pure symbolism and utter meaninglessness of Williams "signed statement" is so amusing it makes you wonder how he'd do in other jobs. Like, for example, if he worked as a lawyer specializing in spousal abuse. How would he ensure husbands never laid a hand on his clients again? Would he make them pinky swear? Or would he really hold their feet to the fire by double-dog daring them not to beat their wives?

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