Reader: Washington Is Crazy to Still Be in the Liquor Business

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Privatizing liquor also means an increase in terrifying neon signs.
Reader Jimbo responds to Things Are Going to Be Bitter in Olympia This Year

"In all seriousness - I moved here a few years ago and can't understand how citizens can watch the growing deficit and not demand that the state get out of the liquor business.

If Gregoire scrapped the monopoly tomorrow it would probably lead to about 2,500 - 5,000 new businesses and as many as 40,000 - 60,000 new jobs in less than a year.

Imagine new stores and new departments in big stores, distribution systems, building or remodeling, advertising, accountants, IT help, bldg maint., insurance, janitorial, increased hours, recycling, increased sales and increased taxes and community donations and involvement."

"If there are some liquor board fat cats that haul down big bucks for going to some caviar buffets now and then, they could still rake plenty off the top. But, the return to the state would be huge from this free expansion of industry."

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