Reader: Amanda Knox Apologists Have Had Their Say

free amanda knox t-shirt.jpg
One reader says this t-shirt doesn't speak for all of Seattle.
Reader Park Lover responds to Amanda Knox Case or Not, Seattle Should Have a 'Perugia Park.'

"Thanks for saying this:

'...what better way to prove that a vocal minority doesn't speak for an entire region.'

I am tired of this very vocal minority trashing the Italian justice system and pretending to speak for all of us. Anne Bremner does not speak for all of us. Mike James does not speak for all of us. The Friends of Amanda do not speak for all of us. Not by a long shot.

I hope that the park is named as planned. I would also like to see Seattle Prep use the proceeds of its planned fundraiser to offer a scholarship to some deserving student rather than pay a PR firm."

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