Oregon Is Stealing Washington's People

According to the odds, this woman is most likely headed from Detroit to D.C.
Every year, the moving company United releases its "migration" study showing who's packing up and where they're heading. (Warning: PDF) As you might expect, this year the Great Lakes, what with their dying industries and all, are the big losers; nearly two-thirds of United's Michigan customers left state limits in 2009.

The big winner is Washington, D.C., with over 67 percent of its moves being inbound. (Now that we're commie pinko socialists, you see, there are a lot more government jobs available.) And trailing not too far behind: Oregon, which came in second and celebrated 22 consecutive years of high-inbound migration.

So who's moving to the Beaver State? United doesn't get that specific. But considering Washington lost more people than it gained last year, it's safe to say that a few of Oregon's newest residents formerly resided a few ticks north.

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