Matthew Dubois, Now Charged With Murder, Was Released Despite Protests Say Prosecutors

Judge LeRoy McCullough may want, but will not get, a do over
If by the end of next week King County Juvenile Court Judge LeRoy McCullough hasn't been confronted in his front driveway by some asshole producer from the O'Reilly Factor, then we should all be very surprised.

According to a report by the Seattle Times, McCullough is the judge who, despite protests from the King County prosecutor's office, approved Matthew Dubois' request to spend the remainder of his sentence in home detention.

One month later, the Burien teenager allegedly murdered his fifteen-year-old girlfriend.

Dubois' previous two requests for electronic home monitoring were rejected. Only sixteen, he's already racked up an extensive rap sheet with seven felony convictions including but not limited to assault, attempted robbery and witness intimidation. This is where reasonable folk would have stamped the request "rejected" and moved onto the next case. But on November 13, Mcullough, who earlier this year was awarded with the King County Bar Association's Outstanding Judge Award, saw something in Dubois' record that compelled him to go in the opposite direction.

Dubois was released to home custody following McCullough's approval. Then on New Years Eve, after an argument with his girlfriend Mikarah "Tinky" Sanders over a comment another boy had posted to her MySpace page, Dubois obtained a .357 handgun and shot her in the face.

Proving that being labeled by your local prosecutor's office a "threat to community safety" doesn't make you a criminal mastermind, court documents say Dubois later shot himself in attempt to blame the murder on a nonexistent gang member, this one evidently of the 48th Street Fabrications

On Tuesday prosecutors charged Dubois with second degree murder. He's currently convalescing at Harbor View Hospital, though it probably goes without saying that the news that he'll be tried as an adult will slow down his recovery.

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