Jan Drago Goes Republican and Finally Wins

Courtesy of King County
Judge Bruce Hilyer swears in Jan Drago flanked by her backers (from left) Republicans Pete Von Reichbauer and Regan Dunn and Democrat Larry Phillips.
Before the winter holiday break, the County Council deadlocked over who would replace Dow Constantine. The Democrats on this non-partisan-in-name-only council wanted State Senator Joe McDermott, who plans to run for the seat anyway and is widely considered the favorite this coming November.

The Republicans wanted a caretaker in the hopes of forcing McDermott to fight for his seat without an incumbency advantage. So they backed Jan "Hope Springs Eternal" Drago as a caretaker.

Today Larry Phillips broke the deadlock and backed fellow primary election loser Drago.

With five council seats traditionally held by Seattle Dems, the four Republicans representing the outlying areas are easily bullied in the council. But when Constantine left, they suddenly had clout insofar as they could threaten a deadlock, which they did.

Drago's appointment is ironic in part because she campaigned for mayor arguing that she more closely espouses Seattle's values than the then-incumbent Greg Nickels. Now her political career is being extended another year by the GOP--who largely represent the suburbs and Seattle-hating rural areas.

So she owes them (and Phillips) for the next 11 months.

But whatever your thoughts on Drago's new seat on the King County Council, you have to give the woman credit for being the most dogged politician of 2009.

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