Is Boeing Responsible for the End of the Filibuster?

Does any image better typify "filibuster" than the unhinged cartoon politician in front of an old-school mic?
Excuse me for missing this when it first came out. But in November, the Washington Post's Ezra Klein interviewed filibuster expert Greg Kroger on what he thought contributed to the downfall of the most theatrical, speechifying feature of this here Democracy.

The University of Miami political scientist's answer? Air travel. Kroger says that filibusters take time. And a Senator's time is a lot more valuable now that those from far-away states like Washington and Montana can fly home for the weekend, rather than kicking it at the Capitol.

Just don't tell certain members of our local Legislature. They're already so peeved at Boeing for moving to South Carolina that they're willing to pass a bill forcing the company to say it loves Washington. Just wait until they find out that the aerospace giant may be responsible for giving them less time to hear themselves talk. Then they'll really be mad.

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