Google Stops Censoring China: Will Microsoft Quit Being Evil Next?

google evil.jpg
When it comes to China, the horns and pitchfork no longer fit.
The biggest tech news of the day is that Google has stopped censoring search results on its Chinese web site. After finding a security breach targeting the e-mail addresses of human rights activists, Google announced that they'll try to run a censor-free search, a move that may get them kicked out of the country.

Now the question is: Will Microsoft follow suit?

From the beginning, Google's stated purposed was to avoid being evil. It now seems that they're willing to (*ahem*) put their money where there mouse is.

Microsoft has made no such promises. Which isn't to imply that they're evil. It's just that, when faced with the option of riding out some bad press versus kowtowing to an authoritarian government, Microsoft has already shown a willingness to remain in what is soon to be the world's biggest search market. Google had made the same choice until yesterday.

There's been no response from Redmond yet. But it'll be interesting to see what comes of the next few days.

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