Does Massachusetts Result Mean Sen. Patty Murray Has Reason to Worry?

The only similaritie between Martha Coakley and Sen. Patty Murray can be found on the chromosomal level.
In the wake of Republican Scott Brown's upset victory over Democrat Martha Coakley in the run-off for liberal stalwart Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts, Strange Bedfellows asks: What does this mean for Washington Senator Patty Murray?

The short answer: Not a damn thing. The ink hasn't yet dried on Brown's victory. But already it's clear that a lot of his success had less to do with his folksy brand of populism/Cosmo pin-up-ness and a lot more to do with Democratic incompetence.

Coakley, a candidate for political office mind you, mocked the idea of shaking voter's hands. And she committed the cardinal sin of mixing up her Yankees and Red Sox, thus offending Massholes from Haverhill to Hyannis.

Murray? Well she's only a three-time incumbent in a state with a weakened GOP whose most high-profile challenger thus far farms dirt and believes the nation's capitol is rife with communists. Trouble? What trouble?

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