Dental Office Robber Shane Carlson Undone by Bag of Teeth

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Robber Shane Carlson left something behind at his last score.
Shane Carlson was arrested on Monday night during a traffic stop near Eugene, Ore. The 26-year-old was driving a U-Haul with expired tags and carrying with him multiple licenses. Police finally identified him by his fingerprints. Prints they were able to trace to...a bag of teeth.

Ya see, Carlson is the dental office robber Seattle police have been tracking for over two months. Back in October, the Times reports that police found a bag of teeth lying on the ground in the Maple Leaf neighborhood. Somehow they were able to extract prints off said chompers. (Those must be some large teeth.)

According to police, Carlson was pawning the gold out of fillings, earning up to $10,000 on one score alone. Money he allegedly used to buy OxyContin. Carlson, as you might imagine, has a long rap sheet. But prosecutors are hopeful he'll stay away for a lot longer now that they have charges with some, um, bite.

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