Comedy Benefit Raises Money for Amanda Knox, Just Don't Joke About You Know What

will rogers box.jpg
"Didya hear the one about the crooked Italian justice system?"
Will Rogers famously said that everything is funny as long as it's happening to somebody else. Which is why there's one subject that is seriously off-limits tonight at the Comedy Underground.

According to UW's The Daily, Amanda Knox's family has spent over $1 million in the past few years in travel and legal expenses. To help dig them out of that debt, a family friend has rallied up some comedians and organized a benefit concert. There's just one catch.

"It's not a show to make fun of any of the circumstances," says organizer Renée Perrault. Which means that your $50 ticket will get you plenty of jokes, just none about Knox, the case or the country where she was convicted.

An event filled with laughter in the wake of a murder trial? We're sure the Italian press will react sensibly to this news.

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