Clay Bennett Agrees to Pay Supersonics Fans $1.6 Million, Still Gets to Keep Their Team

Just hurts to look at, don't it?
If it's Friday, then that means it's time for another version of everyone's favorite game: Pyrrhic victory of the day.

In this corner we have three Supersonics fans. Back in 2007, they filed a lawsuit against Clay Bennett, the big bad boogeyman who would eventually abscond with their favorite team to some place that has dust storms, accusing him of not letting them buy season tickets at a discounted rate.

In the other corner we have the aforementioned Bennett. Who, as you may recall, has a lot of money. So much so that he agreed to pay the three Supersonics fans and 1,000 co-plaintiffs $1.6 million to avoid a trial.

Then Bennett walked back to his owner's box, remembered he owned a team that featured Kevin Durant, smiled and never thought about those fans again. The end.

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