Caught Stealing: Little League Coach Robs Store With Players

Little League coach George Spady taught his kids the art of the steal.
Little League coaches are supposed to teach their players how to tuck the leg when sliding or turn away from a pitch when it's headed towards their ribs. They're not supposed to teach them how to commit a robbery.

George Spady, Jr. apparently disagrees. Last June, police say the 31-year-old Arlington baseball coach was driving with his 12-year-old son, a nephew and another player on his team when he stopped outside of a vacant shop.

According to one of the boys, Spady's son crawled through a vent on the back side of the store and unlocked the door for his father. Spady, his son and nephew then went inside and came out holding light fixtures and bolts.

Spady then allegedly yelled at the boy to go in and get more loot. Apparently thinking time was short because of a truck that had just driven by the scene.

The kid accomplice eventually told his stepfather what had happened. And the dad, not being too keen on his son learning the black arts of breaking and entering from a role model, then told the cops.

Earlier this month Spady plead guilty to burglary. And today he was sentenced to 15 days in jail. His players, meanwhile, learned a valuable lesson: Sometimes it's better to ignore the coach's signs and run home.

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