Breaking News: Amazon's Kindle Offers Worse Newspaper-Reading Experience Than Actually Reading a Newspaper

If only this hopeless square knew there was a prohibitively expensive way to get his morning's news.
Science has just proven something most people already know: That reading a real newspaper is preferable to reading one on an e-reader.

Over a six-month period in 2009, University of Georgia researchers asked residents of Athens, Georgia to read The Atlanta Journal-Constitution with an Amazon Kindle DX. Unlike its smaller cousin designed for book-reading, the DX is pitched as a newspaper replacement. But researchers found that people preferred the messy ink and paper version.

According to the study, youngins think the DX is less versatile than their iPhones, older people miss reading Family Circle and doing the crossword puzzle and all ages agree that paying $500 to read a 2D paper is stupid. Hurray for consensus.

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