Best Argument in Favor of Pit Bull Ownership Ever: Trained Pooch Fights Off Home Invaders

adorable puppy pit bull.jpg
Adorable puppy pit bull says: "Hate the game, not the playa."
Pit bulls get a bad rap. As a breed, they're every bit as snuggly as your average domesticated dog. Nature isn't responsible for their image as snarling beasts. It's nurture -- or lack there-of, from asshole owners who outfit them with spiked collars and encourage aggressive behavior.

With that said *steps off soapbox* one lucky Mount Vernon woman can confirm that properly trained pit bulls, even the snuggly kind, make for excellent guard dogs.

On Tuesday, the woman heard a knock at her door. When she looked through her peephole she saw a badge and heard a man's voice say, "We're the police, let us in."

When she opened the door, two white guys wearing ski masks burst into her apartment. The robbers pushed the woman and her small child down on a couch. Then the woman's pet pit bull, after hearing her owner command it to attack, latched on to the robber's calf.

The man pulled out a gun. But instead of firing, he and his buddy fled. Which meant mom, kid and dog all got out of the ordeal without any injuries.

Police don't have too much to go on when it comes to descriptions of the suspects. Besides being white, they say one was tall and thin and the other short and stocky. Both, however, should be seriously jumpy in the presence of any animal, even an adorable pit like the one above.

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