Atheists May Have No Faith in God, But They Have Great Faith in Advertising

A 2008 billboard on Denny Way: Behold the power of non-digital media.
We've been told that God is dead. But then we've also been told that mainstream media is dead, and that's demonstrably untrue. And no one's demonstrating this untruth more clearly than atheists.

Not for them is this fast-changing age of ripple marketing, affiliate widgets, and Twitter influencers. The atheists are holding fast to traditional media, and especially to conventional outdoor and mobile advertising vehicles. And by mobile, we don't mean iPhones; we mean buses.

Changing hearts and minds on Lake City Way.
This morning brings news of yet another atheist ad campaign--this one a billboard put up on Lake City Way by a group called The Northwest Freethought Coalition ("with funding from the United Coalition of Reason").

The latest billboard (seen above) joins a long line of efforts, locally, nationally, and abroad, to open people's minds to the wonders of atheism by means of bus ads and billboards. The atheists have also been regularly taking out ads in mainstream newspapers like the Washington Post.

All we can say is, bless you atheists, for your continued belief in us.

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