Amanda Knox on Broadway? And Then to Hollywood?

What actress will be cast as Knox?
"This is my kind of murderess," says New York playwright John Guare in an interview with The Guardian. He's got a crush on Amanda Knox, the UW student presently appealing her murder conviction in Perugia, Italy, and the interview implies he might adapt the Knox saga into some sort of stage work.

"She's a complete blank, Guare tells the Guardian. "You can project anything on to her. Is she Henry James' Daisy Miller, an innocent young girl who goes to Europe for experience? Or is she Louise Brooks, the woman who takes what she wants and destroys everything? Or is she Nancy Drew caught up in Kafka?"

That's three different templates Guare might apply to his heroine. So depending on which direction he goes with the hypothetical play, here are come casting possibilities for later adapting Knox to the big screen...

The Daisy Miller model: chaste, an innocent abroad who falls into the wrong company. In this telling, she's corrupted by the drugs and discos and easy sex she finds in Italy. But mainly the cause of her downfall is falling in love with the wrong man, some kind of depraved Italian sybarite. So for the Knox role, we'd see Kristen Stewart from the Twilight movies. And as her louche older seducer/destroyer: a heavily accented Jude Law as Raffaele Sollecito.

The Louise Brooks model: like the silent-film star of the '20s, a fun-loving, man-stealing, morality-scoffing seductress who unashamedly sleeps around to get what she wants. Usually this is an older man with a fortune, allowing her a life in diamonds and mink (with more than a few young lovers on the side). Perfect for the role is Evan Rachel Wood, who's been cultivating her bad-girl image ever since Thirteen (and Marilyn Manson). This time, Sollecito is a stupid, rich playboy easily manipulated by Knox. We see Ashton Kutcher in the role.

The Nancy Drew model: Cute, spunky, fond of doing cartwheels, Knox is here a clean-scrubbed product of Seattle Prep and the UW. Wrongly convicted of a terrible crime, she befriends her jailers and conducts her own investigation of the Meredith Kercher murder. (Sollecito, played by Giovanni Ribisi, we can assume is guilty.) For the Knox role, a combination of brains and idealism, we like Dakota Fanning, the former child star (War of the Worlds, etc.) now aging into teenage roles.

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