Amanda Knox Case or Not, Seattle Should Have a 'Perugia Park'

Just because Amanda Knox is in an Italian jail cell doesn't mean Seattle shouldn't have a Perugia Park.
The timing is terrible. That we can all agree on.

A month after an Italian jury found University of Washington student Amanda Knox guilty of the murder of her British roommate, the Seattle Parks Department has backpedaled from its decision to name a Capitol Hill park after Perugia, the city where the slaying and trial took place. Parks spokesperson Joelle Hammerstad told Capitol Hill Seattle that the department thought the decision would act as a salve.

"We hoped doing the park naming might help heal the relationship between Seattle and Perugia," she said. "Even though it had nothing to do with judicial system it might be a good beginning."

Instead, the branding of one-fifth of an acre of green space turned into more salt for Seattleites wounded by the Knox decision. Parks now says they'll postpone the naming until spring. Here's why they should stick to their guns.

Knox's relative innocence is not known and may never be. But Italians have found Americans (generally) and Seattleites (more specifically) guilty of embitterment for challenging the ruling and generally hating on the Umbrian justice system. (The fact that Donald Trump has called for a boycott of Italian goods isn't helping matters.)

So what better way to prove that a vocal minority doesn't speak for an entire region than to look past an ugly recent history and focus instead on the fact that the two cities have been Sisters since 1991. Dedicating a park is the very definition of a symbolic act. Shouldn't that symbol be a positive one?

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