70-Year-Old Canadian Man Busted With 40,000 Ecstasy Pills

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Most old men find that smuggling drugs cuts into their valuable "just try to stay alive" time.
70-year-old Amar Dutt must have crossed off most of the items on his bucket list. Because not many men his age decide to spice up their life by smuggling drugs.

Last May, when Dutt was crossing over from Canada to the United States, he told a border agent he was making the trip in search of "healing crystals." The agent, recognizing that the Surrey, British Columbia, man was either nervous, senile or some combination of the two, smartly called for a closer inspection of Dutt's minivan. There, drug dogs alerted cops to 40,000 ecstasy pills floating in plastic bags in the gas tank.

At yesterday's sentencing in Seattle, Dutt's lawyer told the judge that his client was just looking for a "little excitement" when he entered the high-stakes world of cross-border pill smuggling. Sentenced to two years in prison for conspiracy to distribute, it's safe to say Dutt's life just got a little less boring, although probably not in the way he had hoped.

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