2-Year-Old Girl Found Wandering With Daddy's Dope Pipe

Dress-up is all fun and games till the cops show.
Smoking pot doesn't make you a bad dad. Neither does laying down for a nap. But when neighbors find your 2-year-old girl wandering around pantless, with your glass pipe in her toy purse, the very least that's required is an explanation.

Yesterday, a Wallingford man was arrested after police encountered this exact same circumstance. The girl was also carrying the family's pet rabbit and had an empty bottle of pain pills, meaning she was one party hat away from starring in the next David Lynch film.

The man said he and his wife had just laid down for a nap when his daughter walked out the back door. Which is all fine and good. And leaves open for interpretation the question of whether or not he's a neglectful father. But more interestingly, his case also presents a new wrinkle in Seattle's new no-prosecution-for-pot-cases renaissance.

New City Attorney Pete Holmes is deservedly getting a lot of good press for dropping some of the pot prosecutions left over from his predecessor. But on the issue of whether or not the Wallingford man with 0.2 grams of marijuana should face a judge, a Holmes spokesperson told the P-I that paraphernalia possession "is a completely separate issue" and that the man may still face charges.

So I don't get it. If you pack a pipe you're a criminal. But if you use rolling papers you're not?

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