Val Kilmer Has Yet to Wreak Havoc on Seattle's Roads, but SDOT's Taking No Chances

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Don't let the shirtless look fool you: The Iceman is cold and dangerous.
As omniscient meteorological guru Cliff Mass tells us in today's Times, icy cold weather isn't necessarily cause for concern--actual ice is. Sure, it's chilly to the point where record lows are being threatened (while Buffalo laughs), but, as Mass notes, ""The lack of frost is good. People don't talk about it, but the number-one weather killer is not winds, or floods. It's ice in the roadway."

But given our city's tendency toward moisture being loosed from the skies, SDOT isn't waiting for the Iceman to cometh, it's taking precautions to make sure that once he hits the locker room, that towel he snaps in the direction of Tom Cruise's tight whites won't come anywhere close to nailing him in the ass (although in any scenario, Goose still dies).

Showing up somewhat surprisingly on the roads of the city this weekend was a substance thought to be downright evil pre-Snowpocalypse: salt. Or, more accurately, salt combined with salt brine, an allied force SDOT has committed to deploying anytime the forecast calls for shades of last December's paralyzing winter weather.

"The material you saw on the road was likely salt brine, our new anti-icing treatment," says SDOT spokesperson Richard Sheridan. "While that is our primary tool for preparing for snow (when there is a 50 percent or greater probability of it), SDOT also uses it when there are forecasts of probable ice on city streets. So the anti-icing treatment takes into consideration both precipitation and temperature."

"We did use salt over the past several days as part of our spot de-icing work," he adds. "It was combined with the salt brine to give SDOT a really effective ice fighting tool."

What an encouraging break from the Snowpocalypse, then, when the city succumbed to Val Kilmer without much of a fight--or tool--at all.

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