Two Charged With Helping Maurice Clemmons Evade Police

During the hunt for for suspected cop-killer Maurice Clemmons, Pierce County authorities alluded to the fact that his family might have been helping him hide out. Now they say they have proof.

Two brothers, Eddie and Douglas Davis, have now been charged with first degree criminal assistance. They, along with Ricky Hinton, Clemmons' half-brother, and three others, are among the half-dozen family members and friends Pierce County police say Clemmons relied on for rides, medical assistance and homes to hide out in after he allegedly murdered four Lakewood officers.

The Tacoma News-Tribune has an excellent run-down of how police say Clemmons kept one step ahead of capture. And neither Davis brother comes out looking good.

Clemmons woke up Eddie and Douglas Davis. Both told police later that Clemmons had told them he had "taken care of his business," and both said they understood that to mean he had shot or killed police officers. The night before, Clemmons had showed two handguns to the men and said he was going to shoot police.
Police have still not released the name of Clemmons' former Arkansas cell mate they say is suspected of driving the getaway car. But in a press conference this afternoon, Pierce County Sheriffs' spokesman Ed Troyer said the man parked two blocks away and helped Clemmons ditch the vehicle after the shootings. Troyer added that police are looking to charge the get-away driver with murder.
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