Trouble Loves Courtney: Kurt Cobain's Mother Appointed Guardian of Daughter Frances Bean

Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain in...happier days?
Once again, Courtney ("I did not fuck you") Love has at least temporarily lost legal control of her teen daughter to the Olympia mother of her late husband Kurt Cobain. A Los Angeles judge on Friday appointed Frances Bean's grandmother Wendy O'Connor and aunt Kimberly Cobain as temporary legal guardians over the 17-year-old, says People. A further hearing on the guardianship is set for Feb. 10.

O'Connor, of Olympia, was first awarded legal control over the girl in 2003 after Love was arrested for attempting to break into her ex-boyfriend's home. The rocker mom regained custody in 2005 after proving to the court that she turned her life around and kicked her drug habit. Her lawyer says the story now - and he's sticking to it - is that Love hasn't had a relapse and the new guardianship is just a result of Frances preferring to live with her grandmother.

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