Time Names Barefoot Burglar Colton Harris-Moore America's Most Wanted Teenage Bandit

The Barefoot Burglar may soon be a house-hold name, but that doesn't mean these shirts are flying off the shelves.
Ya know that feeling you get when that little local indie band you once saw play in front of 11 drunks and a border collie named Sam hits Billboard's Top 10? That's sort of how it feels to see Time Magazine name Barefoot Burglar Colton Harris-Moore "America's Most Wanted Teenage Bandit."

Time's ode to Colton is the second-most read article on its site. And thanks to that exposure, the story of the Camano Island Kid has landed on the radar of such high-falutin' mags as The Atlantic, who make the dubious claim that Seattle is full of people wearing "Fly, Colton Fly" t-shirts. (Anecdotal rebuttal: It is not.)

But here's the difference. The little indie band's rags-to-riches story ends with, at worst, a bad break-up, a coke addiction and an episode of VH1's "Behind the Music." Little Colt's final act may not be so tame.

As Vernal Coleman noted in his feature "Catch Me If You Camp," Harris-Moore's escalation from petty theft to shooting at cops has seriously pissed off law enforcement. And now that he's stolen an assault rifle out of a deputy's car and declared war via post-it note, well, it's pretty easy to imagine a violent end for the Pacific Northwest's answer to Huck Finn.

So c'mon, Colton. Give up the ghost and turn yourself in. Hollywood is waiting. And the whole country, it seems, wants an encore.

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