Thief Dials 911 When Stolen Truck 'Runs Out of Gas'

pumping gas.jpg
Proper criminals know the octane taken by their getaway vehicle.
What kind of criminal calls the cops on himself? The same kind that doesn't know how to properly fill up a gas tank.

Yesterday, a Tacoma man called the cops. His problem: The maintenance truck he'd just stolen had run out of gas.

When cops came to assist, the thief put on a company vest he'd found in the truck's cab so he'd look like an employee. But it didn't matter. Because a real worker was able to recognize him as the man who stole the '85 Chevy from the company's lot earlier that morning.

The thief was booked and jailed. But not before finding out the real reason why his getaway vehicle crapped out: He'd accidentally pumped unleaded into a diesel tank.

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