Son Sues Dad for Killing Mom 50 Years Ago

Joan Hansen has been missing for 47 years.
There are few things worse than losing your mom. But suspecting your dad of her murder has to be one of them.

Joan Hansen was a mother of three living on a Kent Valley farm when she disappeared in 1962. The last person to talk to her was Patricia Martin.

"She said, 'Oh my God, he's in the basement, Pat. He's coming,' And she started screaming, and the phone went dead," Martin told KOMO News.

Martin thinks the "he" Joan was referring to was her husband, Robert. So too does Ty Hansen. Which is why he's filed a wrongful death suit against his father some 50 years after his mom's disappearance.

"My primary motivation is to be able to get my mother's story heard and finally get some justice," says Ty.

But there's also another reason. This past August Robert Hansen killed himself. And in his will, he left his entire million-dollar estate to a friend in Costa Rica he met after his wife disappeared.

From the scant details available, it seems as if Ty's at least partially motivated by money. And who could blame him? But KOMO's story has so little info it's hard to tell which way is up. And the bizarre case has more questions than answers.

Did police suspect Robert at the time of Joan's disappearance? How old were Ty and his siblings? What were they told about what happened to their mom? And why has it taken 50 years for this to be made public?

We've got a call into Ty and are trying to track down his mom's friend as well. We'll let you know what we find out.

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