Senator Maria Cantwell Named a Rising Political Star

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Where might rising star Maria Cantwell ascend to next?
Honorary Secretary of State Maria Cantwell has caught the notice of The Daily Beast, who's listed Washington's junior Senator as one of 2010's rising political stars.
The Democratic senator from Washington hit the headlines in December 2009 by co-sponsoring a bill with Sen. John McCain, seeking the return of Glass-Steagall, the Depresssion-era law that erected a wall between commercial banks and investment banks. With populist anger over the financial sector still running high, look for Cantwell's cause to receive a lot of favorable attention next year. And as a former RealNetworks exec, she's got the private sector street cred to get Wall Street to listen.
Just one question here. When you're already a Senator, where might you "rise" to next?

(H/T: Strange Bedfellows)

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