Sen. Maria Cantwell Teams With John McCain to Stick It to Wall Street

Senator Cantwell was apparently uncomfortable will all the bile being spewed at her colleague and wanted a piece of the action.
Alabama may not like Patty Murray right now. But the blowback she's feeling from a choice comment about the Southern man's work ethic might feel like a wet kiss as compared to the criticism her Senatorial compatriot Marian Cantwell is bound to face from her latest piece of legislation.

In teaming up with Arizona Senator John McCain, Cantwell is trying to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act. A Depression-era law that helped clean up Wall Street by forcibly separating commercial and investment banks.

It may not be the best way to go about preventing another crash; as Newsweek says, "Reinstituting Glass-Steagall would be almost akin to unscrambling an egg." And it may not have a chance in hell of passing. But if Sen. Cantwell was looking for the quickest way to piss off the financial community, and thus leapfrog Murray for Most Hated Washington Senator, she couldn't have chosen a better path.

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